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Welcome to the Orange Smoothie Productions web site.

Jan 10, 2015 --Botanika

Website was down recently

Back up now after server move.

Jun 17th, 2008 --Botanika

Looking for help finishing a Team Fortress 2 Map

So about a year and half ago my brother Brian and I started a joint project to try our hand at a Team Fortress 2 map; our first effort since the good old DOOM and Quake days.  We got pretty far, surprising ourselves with how quickly we caught on to the Hammer editor but real life kicked in and we never got back to finishing it and don't see that we can anytime soon with all my time spent bike racing these days.  So we are looking for some help and someone to take a look at the map and decide if they would like to become an honorary OSP member and take credit for the map by finishing it up.  The map is titled 'OSP Mine Shaft Gap' and is a spoof on a line from the 1964 classic film Dr. Strange Love and even includes an homage to the control room [1] , [2] from the movie.


The level is a Control Point map of dirt themed "low tech" Red vs 
concrete "high tech" Blue meeting in the middle.  Here is a much earlier bsp (6MB) of just the Blue side of the map that you can run around to get a feel for it.

Here is a high level to do list of things still needing to be done to complete the map, however, who ever takes on the project will have complete 
autonomy to make the most of the map as they see fit in their honorary OSP mapping role.  If this sounds remotely interesting to anyone out there who has some proven mapping skills please contact me with info on where I can take a look at some of your work and we will take it from there.

April 19th, 2008 --Botanika

Breathless Agony Google Maps/Earth map

I've updated my Breathless Agony bicycle ride page in the extras section with a Google Earth/Maps map I put together for the course the ride follows. It has all the rest stops, mile markers, points of interest etc.

November 24th, 2007 --Botanika

Release of the Orange Smoothie Mame Front End

I've never been much of a programmer even back in the active OSP/NetGames USA days but in 2003 I decided to try my hand at a Mame (Multi Arcade Machine Emulator) front end.  I've tweaked it over the years and some friends have asked for copies now and then so I thought I would just go ahead and release the whole thing as a Windows Executable and the Source Code and all under a copyleft GPL License.

I created an "Extras" section of the website for my personal non game mod activities.  You can find the Mame Front End section there with screen shots and all the info you will need to run it.  If any developers out there ever actually take a look at the source code, go easy on me :), as this was/is the first Visual Basic program I've ever written. I know the code is ugly but it works :) There are some things I've always wanted to change about it but don't know how, who knows maybe somebody out there can help improve it. Any assistance would be welcome.

P.S. In the extras section is also my Breathless Agony bicycle ride from 2007. It is a 114 mile ride out on Southern California.

April 14th, 2007 --Botanika

Web site back from the dead

I was embarrassed to find a wikipedia page summarizing the demise of the OSP team and web site so I decided to get the site going after it being down for almost two years now.

I decided to return to the original website design back from the very first days of OSP in 1998.  I've updated the About section with some new info on how things turned out for OSP.  I've also placed all the old news entries up in the Old News section of all places :)   I paired down the Mods to the ones we actually ever released. Also the old beta section was removed and the web forums section was permanently removed.  Finally, I added a link to my original 1996 DOOM II page as well for funzies that I found collecting dusty electrons when I searched for the original html.

Just to make sure everyone knows, OSP is not back in the game of mod development or even supporting our old mods. This page was just put back up as an archive/reference and a place to find our old content (some of it at least via external download links). Some of the content just isn't available any more as well and I'm sure there are any number of broken links and information in the old news pages, although I did try to clean some of that up.

That said, to everyone who used our mods, helped us debug, came to our tournaments, and supported us over the years please accept a big thank you from me and the entire OSP team.  It was an honor and pleasure serving you all.

Best regards,


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