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Orange Smoothie

We are were (back in 1998) a group of both students and professionals that came together through Quake at the University of Kansas, the stomping grounds of Quake legends such as Impulse9, KillCreek, and Entropy. There is a proud quake heritage here at KU and we hope to did ;) continue in that tradition with the introduction of our Quake2 mod group, Orange Smoothie Productions back in February of 1998

Orange Smoothie Productions has since then evolved into a PC Game Mod group with plans in the works to develop mods for Unreal Tournament, Quake 3 Arena, and TribesDoh! 2 out of 3 wans't bad :)

To add an update and a bit detail to our history (as of 2007)...

Around 2000 some of the original OSP group formed a company along with some others called NetGames USA.  We created competitive gaming tournament management software called the ngTCS (Tournament Control System) and another product/service called ngStats/ngWorldStats that tracked game play statistics for players in single player and multiplayer online game play. Versions of these services and software were developed to support Quake 2/3A from id Software and Unreal Tournament from Epic Games.  We ran tournaments with the ngTCS for a couple of years in and around 1999-2001 for the Cyberathlete Professional League and also the tournaments for id Software's QuakeCon around the same time frame. Around that same time Epic Games released Unreal Tournament with our ngStats and ngWorldStats software built into the retail game.

Our OSP Tourney DM mod was the standard mod for all of these Q2/Q3A competitive events at the time. Needless to say it cooperated very well with the NetGames ngTCS Software and it made running a competitive tournament, even with over 500 players, a fun event for all of us rather than a tactical disaster.  This all cumulated in mid 2001 with Microsoft acquiring NetGames USA.  We kept running QuakeCon tournaments for several more years up to 2003 in an unofficial capacity before finally leaving that OSP/ngUSA era behind. At least a couple of the original OSP/NetGames guys are still at Microsoft as of 2007.  The rest of us have moved on to non game related professional careers.

Thanks for checking OSP out and have fun.

The Orange Smoothie Productions team


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