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Orange Smoothie Mods

April 2007 Update: These mods and maps are for games sufficiently old enough that I can only assume they are going to be of interest to the rather sophisticated Quake 2/3 and/or Wolf player (this would have been the case even back in 2000). That said its easiest for me to just link the latest files below and not try to be 100% accurate with the install and version information.  Most, if not all, of the zip files contain install guides and readme.txt files. There seem to be some updated docs separate from the installs and I've put those up as separate zip files. There are bound the be inconsistencies but nothing the determined won't be able to figure out on their down I'm sure.  The Soldier of Fortune content is absent until I can speak with Rhea about its status.

OSP Tourney Q3A - A Quake3 Arena mod

I recomend if your just curious to see what files are in the installs to grab the 9.4MB install below without the maps. If you are still interested you can then grab the 45.2MB just maps download. If you are an OSP Q3A guru and know this is exactly what you are after go ahead and grab the entire 54.5MB install. Note: the 54.MB install is the exact same file set from the w/ and w/o zips. i.e. "full" (54.5MB)  = "without maps" (9.4MB) + "just maps" (45.2MB)

osp-q3-docs.zip (98kB)

osp-Quake3-1.03a-without_maps.zip (9.4MB)

osp-Quake3-1.03a-just_maps.zip (45.2MB)

osp-Quake3-1.03a_full.zip (54.5MB)

OSP Tourney DM - A QuakeII mod


OSP Tourney DM Version 2.5 - July 1st, 1999

Download this "q2-2.76-cfgs.zip" (111kB) config and readme.txt file about Tourney if you are just looking for information. It is also a goog resource to have for any of the versions below.

OSP Tourney DM is available for 7 different architectures, each as separate files rather than being bundled into one file as in the past. Each install is completely self contained. Choose the appropriate file below for your system. The version 2.5 files are for the client and the server. The 2.76 updates below are server only patches to this base 2.5 install.

Architecture File Name
Windows 95/98/NT tourney-2.5-win32-x86.zip
Linux/x86 glibc tourney-2.5-linux-x86-glibc.tar.gz
Linux/x86 libc5 tourney-2.5-linux-x86-libc5.tar.gz
Linux Alpha tourney-2.5-linux-alpha.tar.gz
FreeBSD/x86 tourney-2.5-freebsd-x86.tar.gz
Solaris/Sparc tourney-2.5-solaris-sparc.tar.gz
Solaris/x86 tourney-2.5-solaris-x86.tar.gz

Version 2.75/2.76 Server only updates.

Only grab the following updates if you are running a server. Client only installs don't need them.  Version 2.76 is just 2.75 with the bots removed.

server-2.75-win32-x86.zip  (247KB)

server-2.76-win32-x86-nogladiatorbots.zip (228KB)

server-2.75-linux-alpha.tar.gz (269KB)

server-2.76-linux-glibc-x86-nogladiatorbots.tar.gz (208KB)

server-2.75-linux-glibc-x86.tar.gz (230KB)

server-2.75-solaris-sparc.tar.gz (274KB)


Just unzip or expand the appropriate version above into your QuakeII directory maintaining the archive's directory structure.

Players wishing to play Bots in a quick start mode should then double click on the Tourney Launcher in the base tourney directory. This will launch the Tourney CE Config Editor. Press the QuakeII symbol, save your file and your off. ngStats will automatically run for you after you quit. (2007 note... not so sure about this) You may alternativly select anyone of the SinglePlayer1v1.cfg, SinglePlayer3v3.cfg, or SinglePlayerDM.cfg files to play bots with ngStats enabled.

For server operators: Pick a predefined mode of operation i.e. 1v1, Teamplay, DM, by execing the respective config file upon server launch.

Use a GameSpy™ tab,
OSP_Tourney_DM.qst to help you find servers.

OSP Rocket Olympics - A QuakeII™ mod

OSP Rocket Olympics Version 1.01

Get the full install here: OSP_Rocket_Olympics_v1.01.zip (2.3MB)


Unzip the rocketo.zip archive into your Quake2 directory making sure
to maintain its directory structure.


Find a server by a method of your choice. If using gamespy look for servers running with a game type of "rocketo".

use the provided server.cfg file!!! It has the proper DMFLAGS and allow_downloads set to 0. Since textures and sounds are needed, clients need to download the install. Use the following command line to launch a Rocket Olympics server:

quake2.exe +set game rocketo +exec server.cfg

King of the Hill - A QuakeII™ mod

KOTH Version 2.0

Get the full install here: koth_v20.zip (6.8 MB)

koth_v20.zip is for both Client and Servers alike and contains both the Windows 95/98/NT and Linux versions. Download Version 2.0 regardless of any previous version you may have had or if you have never downloaded it before.

Due to serveral map changes and the 4 new maps there is only a full install as the size difference for the upgrade was not worth the confusion.


KOTH is a server side mod. The server code and maps are both included in this release. Just unzip the above file into your QuakeII directory maintaining the archive's directory structure.

Version 2.0  includes Win95/NT and Linux versions.

As a client just run regular Quake2 in DEATHMATCH mode, no commands, no configs, just join a KOTH server and have fun!

For details on how to run a server read the readme.txt file in the above distribution.

That's it. Have fun and thanks for playing,

The Orange Smoothie Team

OSP Wolf - A Return to Castle Wolfenstein mod

Return To Castle Wolfenstein
Architecture File Name
0.9 Beta Version (zipped) osp-wolf-0.9.zip
0.9 Beta Version
(mac binaries)


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