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of the

A Quake2 mod
Orange Smoothie Productions

Current version 2.0 released November 20th, 1998
Get it at the download page now.


The new version includes:

  • 4 new maps including the long awaited koth7 Ho Ho Yo.
  • A brand new look with a new HUD and scoreboard
  • Now a Queen of the Hill if a female player wins!
  • The blaster has been removed from the game. Very nice! Try it!
  • All BFGs have been removed from the game. Very nice! Try it too!
  • Improved network code.

KOTH | Levels | FAQ

Fight to the top in King of the Hill. The only mod where everyone is trying to get where you're standing. The idea is simple: find the "hill" and rack up time defending it. Whoever has accumulated the most time by the end of the level is crowned the King of the Hill.

KOTH effectively turns a game of offense into a fast paced game of defense. Fragging others becomes the means to your end: removing them from the hill, or preventing them from ever getting there. KOTH accomplishes what is rarely seen in deathmatch play: large masses of people converging on a single spot. This leads to comic events and wildly paranoid fighting. Just imagine yourself atop the hill with a constant supply of new people rushing at you like rats climbing up a sinking ship.

We here at Orange Smoothie don't always take things seriously and we like to define words loosely. The "Hill" might be a valley, a mosh pit, or a ship floating on the water. Check out the game play and level screen shots on the KOTH levels page. Or if you are already hooked head straight over to the Downloads page.

We hope you have as much fun playing KOTH as we did making it. Good luck and let us know what you think.

Attention: If you want to make your own KOTH levels follow these special
entity instructions.

Not so Original Concept:
Craig Sparks "BotanikA"
Brandon Reinhart and Scott Woodward "Spudman"
The Programmer:
2.0 - J. Keimig "Rhea"
Original - Brandon Reinhart "GreenMarine"
Original Release Level Design:
Craig Sparks "BotanikA"

Copyleft  1998-2007 Orange Smoothie Productions

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