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OSP Old News Archive

OSP Tourney DM v2.5 Released [ July 1, 1999 - Rhea ]

Version 2.5 of OSP Tourney DM is a solid addition to the MAJOR upgrade  in features that came with version 2.0.  OSP Tourney DM has an entirely new level of integration never before seen in a Quake II™ mod, competition based or otherwise.  See the OSP Tourney DM Page for full details and for new features in Ver. 2.5. Here are the highlights of OSP Tourney DM's features:

  • The most helpful, thorough, fine tuned and tested set of tournament and regular DM features available for either Regular DM, Teamplay or 1v1.
  • Fully integrated Gladiator Bots from opponents for multi and single player fun! Courtesy of Mr. Elusive.
  • An included Quick Launcher and Config Editor, Tourney CE from Filipe Toscano
  • Now includes NetGames USA's ngStats v1.1 for OSP Tourney DM. (Win32 only)
  • Built-in support for the new ngWorldStats system from NetGames USA. (All architectures)
    See http://Quake2.ngWorldStats.com/ for details.

For up to date server releases and information between official announcements, check out the beta site. We now also have an IRC channel up on ETG: #osp. Join in and lets talk about OSP Tourney DM :-)  Information on ETG (EnterTheGame) IRC network can be found at http://www.enterthegame.com

Send any comments/quetions to: rhea@orangesmoothie.org

Use this GameSpy™ tab, OSP_Tourney_DM.qst to help you find OSP Tourney DM-based servers. This tab is also included in the zip for your convenience.

New OSP beta site opens [ June 18, 1999 - Rhea ]

Check for the latest beta releases of OSP Tourney DM and other mods at the  Orange Smoothie beta site. If you are sqeemish about beta releases then you best stay away :)

OSP Rocket Olympics is a hit! [ March 2, 1999 - BotanikA ]

Orange Smoothie Productions would like to thank everyone for making Rocket Olympics such a hit. We have been overwhelmed with the response and feedback. We know you are all hungry for new maps and features. We are too. We have had things like rail skeet shooting, competitive scoring, medals awarded, group time trials, and much much more planned since day one. We are all unfortunately very busy right now with other projects. New user maps will be made available ASAP, however.

We would like to therefore announce that Orange Smoothie Productions will be pursuing a complete Quake Olympics product using Quake 3 Arena when it comes out. This will give us time to finish our current projects and then meet the overwhelming request of all of our Rocket Olympics players with a complete product. We promise the wait will be well worth it! Thanks for playing.

2007 Update... Doh! This apparently never happend :(  Would have been nice though.

OSP Rocket Olympics version 1.01 Released [ February 22, 1999 - BotanikA ]

So you say you can rocket jump heh? Come find out as Orange Smoothie Productions celebrates its one year anniversary with the release of an all new Quake II mod, OSP Rocket Olympics. It is a virtual play land of rocket jumping feats and events. Categories included Height, Distance, Accuracy and oh ya.. Quad Height!!! Each event has a progressively more difficult jumps to make all color coded for skill level and marked in meters and all in scale to a Quake II Marine! Find out just how good you are, make some new friends and share some "fish" stories along the way in this addictive Non-Deathmatch mod.

Get it at the Download page now!

Version 1.01 is a just an upgrade to the dll adding id tagging and a quad bug fix. Plus it adds a linux version. Clients need not download it.

As more servers pop up use GameSpy to look for games of type "rocketo".

Have fun! The Orange Smoothie Productions Team.

February 10th, 1999 --Rhea

OSP Tourney DM v1.15 Released

Version 1.15 of OSP Tourney DM is now available for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. Get it at the Download page now!

For up to date server releases and information between official announcements, check out: http://www.ittc.ukans.edu/~rhea. We now also have an IRC channel up on ETG: #osp. Join in and lets talk about OSP Tourney DM :-)

This release consititutes a full upgrade from all previous versions distributed on or after December 23rd. It is a *highly* recommended upgrade for any servers running *ANY* version of tourney.

Many many things have been fixed/changed/enhanced within tourney since its initial release. This latest distribution of tourney covers a lot of ground:

  • Major changes to teamplay/1V1 modes to better support clan-style competitions.
  • Revamped referee interface to allow in-game admin control on all major aspects of the game.
  • General client-side bot protection that includes, but not limited to, zbot users.
  • Addition of ngLog/ngWorldStats logging support. Start racking up all your frags online!
  • Standard Log logging now works as expected in this release.
  • Major performance and network improvements to reduce server load and decrease overflow problems. The server is also much more stable now.
  • Numerous adjustments to many of the components within tourney (hook, chat muzzling, match pausing, referee, client rate control, aliases, player ID tagging disabled through water surfaces, team-specific player ID tagging, fast weapon switching options, etc.) to give a better feel for overall play.
  • Revised documentation to reflect latest gameplay enhancements and capabilites.
January 11th, 1999 --Rhea

OSP Tourney DM v1.06f Update Released

Version 1.06f of OSP Tourney DM is now available for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD Operating Systems. Get it at the Download page now!

This release consititutes a full upgrade from the original version distributed on December 23rd. It is a *highly* recommended upgrade for any servers running version 1.0 of tourney.

Among the bug fixes and changes to accurately reflect some of the game's original goals, there are also several notable enhancements that have been added in this version:

  • Full support now for Linux and FreeBSD.
  • Improved, highly configurable hook that allows for specifying any color for the hook. Teams can also have their own color-assigned hook.
  • Allow for open teamplay where people can enter/leave during the course of a match (RA2-style).
  • Addition of client command aliases for players accustomed to other mods that perfrom the same functions (i.e. "pickplayer" equivalent to "invite", etc.).

OSP Tourney DM 1.0 Released

Get it at the Download page now!

OSP Tourney DM is a server-side only mod designed to facilitate match play for tournaments, whether LAN-based or online. It also has an enhanced regular DM mode for relaxed warmups and informal play.

Rather than having specific mods used for various aspects of tournament play (i.e. Battle/GX for team play, Duel for 1v1, and even id DM for FFA qualifiers), the tourney mod was designed specifically to handle these modes of play with all of their unique requirements with the configurability of Lithium.

The tourney supports 4 "modes" of operation:
    - Regular DeathMatch
    - Qualifier DeathMatch
    - Team DM Play
    - 1v1 DM Play

It should be noted that each of these modes are in fact unique and are not just simple hacks to give different modes of play. OSP Tourney DM is in fact 4 separate mods in one. The mod conveniently includes separate pre-fabbed config files for each mode of operation. Numerous other configuration options exist. Read the included readme.txt file and tourney-commands.txt for all the details. Then head over to the Download page and get it now!

We are running OSP Tourney DM Servers at:

OSP Tourney DM
Mode of Play

IP Address

Regular DM
Team Play DM
1v1 DM
Rail Only Insta-Gib DM
Team Play
Rail Only Insta-Gib DM

Use this GameSpy™ tab, OSP_Tourney_DM.qst to help you find other servers. Also included in the zip.

November 20th, 1998 --BotanikA

KOTH Version 2.0 Released

The new version includes:

  • 4 new maps including the long awaited koth7 Ho Ho Yo.
  • A brand new look with a new HUD and scoreboard
  • Now a Queen of the Hill if a female player wins!
  • The blaster has been removed from the game. Very nice! Try it!
  • All BFGs have been removed from the game. Very nice! Try it too!
  • Improved network code.

Head over to the Download page and get it now!



October 8th, 1998 --BotanikA

KOTH Contest at the FRAG2

Frag Button.gif

I will be traveling to the FRAG2 in Dallas Texas the coming Halloween weekend. In addition to playing in the main DM tourney I will be running a King of the Hill contest complete with 32 person DM qualifier. We will be giving away Orange Smoothie T-Shirts, $100.00 first prize and many other prizes. Head over to the KOTH @ The Frag web page to get all the details.

September 28th, 1998 --Spudman

New User Created Level
Deviant has created a new KOTH map, Perspex Platforms, and it is now available on our levels page. Download it now and add it to your map rotation.

September 28th, 1998 --Spudman

Put a little "Spry" in your life!!
I typically refrain from spouting my 2¢ worth in a public forum but I thought the event/time/whatever had occurred for me to speak up.


For the unitiated Spry is a Sin DM map by Levelord that is included in the recent update of the Sin Demo by Ritual Entertainment. If you have not done so go download the demo (or patch for the first demo release). You can find lists of download sites on Ritualistic, Bluesnews, and of course the Ritual web site.

September 23rd, 1998 --Spudman

Yes, we are alive ;).
Phew, Real LifeTM can get quite hectic sometimes. As you probably have already heard/read etc. our Lead Programmer, GreenMarine, has achieved the gamers dream. He has been working quite hard for Epic (creators of the awesome Unreal for the unitiated) as a contract programmer and now has been hired by them and is moving away from Kansas. Good Luck GM.

Confidence Lost CTF Version
Not satified with the success of Confidence Lost, BotanikA decided to create a CTF version of his much celebrated DM Map. You can get it here. It is comptible with both the id and Loki's Minions versions of CTF.

Stuff the Warning Label Said Not to DoTM
In addition to working on Confidence Lost CTF BotanikA and friends decided that potatoes deserved to exceed the speed of sound and created a BFPG-9000. 

New KOTH Servers
Both of these servers use the standard 27910 port
- gpan.iol.unh.edu - Chickys World - thanks Chicky
- - CNLC KOTH - thanks Archie



July 23rd , 1998 --Spudman

Server List Update
I have just update the KOTH server list and it is quite barren. 3 European servers and 1 Australian server. The 3 European servers were found using GameSpy and the Australian server was one that is still up since our appearance as PQ Mod of the Week.

Thus, with this message is a general request for US based KOTH servers. I get periodic requests for server info so there is some demand for people to play KOTH. Especially as the last release included 5 new maps - that makes 11 maps total. Please contact me, Spudman, if you can help us out.

June 30th , 1998 --Spudman

KOTH 1.2b
OSP would like to announce the release of KOTH 1.2b for Quake2 by congratulating the map contest winners.

J. Kinnersley
Gath(IOL)- Todd Rose
Daisey - Glenn Demkow

This new release of KOTH includes a map from each of the winners plus 3 new OSP maps, two from BotanikA and one from GreenMarine. The 3dfx sky rotation problem in koth1 has been fixed and the map rotation has been updated to include the new maps. OSP would like to thank all of the map contest winners for the interest and hard work.

Thanks for playing,

The OSP Team

May 27th , 1998 --Spudman

We do Unreal too! (or at least GreenMarine does :)
With the launch of Unreal GreenMarine has been busy studying Unreal Script and has developed a Object-Oriented Tutorial to help you budding UnrealScripters get up to speed.

Keep an eye on the Tutorials page as GreenMarine starts adding more great info.

May 18th , 1998 --Spudman

Thank you to everyone that downloaded and played KOTH last week during for PQ Mod of the Week. A special thanks goes out to PlanetQuake and those people that set up servers for everyone to play on.

KOTH continues in development and we will have a new version that includes teamplay at the beginning of June. We have to give you a reason to keep playing after all :).

KOTH Map Contest Ended
As of Friday May 15th, 1998, at 23:59:59 the KOTH map contest closed. Those of you that submitted maps thank you and BotanikA either has or will be contacting all of you.

If you are an established or budding map maker don't despair - it is not too late to create KOTH maps. KOTH will always be in need of additional maps. Send us your maps as you create them and we will feature them on this web site.

For instructions on how to create a KOTH map head to the contest page.

May 15th, 1998 --Spudman

KOTH Map Contest Ends Today
The contest for map makers to submit KOTH maps ends today - May 15th, 1998. We will be releasing the full map pack with the winning maps with the next release of KOTH - version 1.3 of KOTH will add teamplay in addition to the map pack.

If you are an established or budding map maker don't despair - it is not too late to create KOTH maps. KOTH will always be in need of additional maps. Send us your maps as you create them and we will feature them on this web site.

For instructions on how to create a KOTH map head to the contest page.

May 12th , 1998 --Spudman

Oooops!!!! - for people running KOTH servers - KOTH 1.2a
The wonderful world of patches. The OSP version. It appears that one of the new features we added to koth 1.2 did not work - map cycling. It does now!

You only need the patch if you run a KOTH server or plan to.

Download the patch here.

May 11th , 1998 --Spudman

PlanetQuake "Mod of the Week"
Wow! Andy Warhol was right, our fifteen minutes in the limelight begins. I have my stopwatch running (he walked for the bit but I stopped that nonsense).

KOTH Version 1.2 will be released to night at 8pm. Join us at 8pm CST for a release party on irc.3dnet.net #koth.

Anyhoo. To celebrate this new week of celebration and applause we ran out to the garage and grabbed us a fresh new can of paint and some wood and started building some new levels. Oh, hang on a mo' that isn't right. Okay, now I have it. BotanikA has fired up QERadient, and GreenMarine fired up his C++ compiler and QERadiant (his versatility never ceases to amaze). GreenMarine has added support for VWEP, tie breaking for those close games, and one of the most requested features - map cycling. The new version also includes 1 new map.

Coming in Version 1.3 Teamplay, 3 new OSP maps and the map contest winners. (When it's done! :) Actually it should be done in couple of weeks.)

Well enough of Spudman harping on, head here for the details.

April 14th, 1998 --Spudman

KOTH Map Contest reminder
Time is closing in on the end of the map contest for King of the Hill. The deadline of May 15th is fast approaching so let us know what you are up to. Yes, if you are planning to create a map, or looking for some input on one you are making, we will be happy to provide some hints, tips, advice or whatever you want to call it.

If you have questions about making the maps contact our resident level editor BotanikA.

April 1st, 1998 --Spudman

Not a Joke! - OSP DM Map Available
OSP has released it first DM map "Confidence Lost" - OSPDM1 by our esteemed level editor BotanikA. It is intended for Death Match fun for 8-32 players. Great for those 24/7 servers with good connections and basement filling LAN parties. Go take a look the screenshots and download it now.


March 13th, 1998 --Spudman

KOTH 1.1 Server List Updated
Well, some kind souls have again started KOTH servers for everyone to play on across the net.

March 10th, 1998 --Spudman

KOTH 1.1 Released
We have updated KOTH to version 1.1. This version is compatible with 3.14 release of Quake II and includes both Win95/NT and Linux versions. We have both a full release for those people that are downloading KOTH for the first time (this includes the game libraries for both Windows and Linux as well as the 6 initial KOTH maps) and an update for those that already have the maps and just need the new libraries. Download it now.


February 20th, 1998 --Spudman

Point Release
The Point release is out. id said they will be releasing the source code within the next couple of days or so. Once we get the source code we will be developing a new version of King of the Hill that works with Q2 version 3.12.


February 13th, 1998 --Spudman

We now have a server listed on the servers page. Wahoo! It has the koth6 fix, so go frag some buddies and rack up some time on the "Hill."

In addition a kind soul has created a Custom Tab for all of you GameSpy users. Just download the tab, import it and then click on it to list the KOTH servers. Run, don't walk, to GameSpy now and "grab the tab".


February 12th, 1998 --Spudman

KOTH6 Problem
When running a server with the KOTH mod the levels will cycle through KOTH1 - KOTH6. However, we discovered a problem in KOTH6 that meant that it did not automatically cycle back to KOTH1 causing the server to crash. This has now been fixed.

For both people running servers and those playing on KOTH servers you need to download the new koth6.zip.

If you downloaded the full release (the server mod .dll and 6 maps) all you need to download is the new koth6.zip.

If you have not yet downloaded the full release please get it instead from the download page as it has the most recent koth6.bsp as well as the rest of the koth maps.

It does take some time for the files to reach all of the cdrom.com mirrors. Please not that the date for the new files to download should be February 12th.


February 11th, 1998 --Spudman

We inaugurate this site with the release of our first mod "King of the Hill."

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