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OSP Quake3 0.99v [ June 25, 2001 - Rhea ]

Lots of clean up for 1.0 and 1.29f updates. No major new features, just tweaks, optimizations, and bug fixes. Keep sending in map suggestions, and most importantly: Have fun!


Presenting... OSP Quake3 0.99u1 [ May 25, 2001 - Rhea ]

Whoops vertex lighting was left locked on. Instagib also had some "issues". Apparently, people actually play in non-crap settings, so hence, the update :)


OSP Quake3 0.99u [ May 25, 2001 - Rhea ]

RC2? Heh, well, whatever this is supposed to be, its a pretty solid build for 1.0. Last major piece is now in place with up-to-date CPM settings and options. A ton of other add-ons that were slated for 1.0 are now in place. And can't forget the fixes :P

Anyway, way too tired to try to pimp the highlights for this release, so check out the History file on the Beta page to get the scoop on all of the latest updates. They good stuff mang! Yes, the 1M players.pk3 file is supposed to be there :P

BTW: Still looking for maps to include in 1.0. I appreciate all the mails I receieved on suggestions. Keep it up! Even if it seems obvious that some maps will be included (or not), tell me! I plan on putting up a list in here or on the forum for everyone's review at some point.


OSP Quake3 0.99t [ Apr 04, 2001 - Rhea ]

Major update on the goods. All sorts of nifty new features, options, and bug fixes: more client graphics, per-map decals, new bot protection, auto-action options, tweaks to spectator modes, updates for the upcoming official Q3 1.27 PR release, and millions of bugs (err..).

I think I'll unofficially name this OSP 1.0 Release Candidate 1. The last big things will be to pull together the best 1V1/TDM/CTF maps for an official set of OSP map packs and to update to the latest CPM standards.

On the map stuff, if anyone would be so kind as to send me a list and URLs to the *best* maps for DM/CTF play, I'll be more than happy to put a note in the official OSP ReadMe! (wooooo... ahhh... just gets you all hot thinking about it, doesn't it -- YOUR NAME IN THE OSP README!!)

Oh, and the message board, after a lot of arguing, has decided to rejoin us for the time being. Post any problems you may find in this latest 0.99t release, please!! OSP is on the path for 1.0!

Wow, almost 6 weeks from a release? I must getting old :P

OSP Quake3 0.99s2 Patch [ February 25, 2001 - Rhea ]

Just a maintenance release, but an IMPORTANT one at that. Sounds should now be very stable and the spectator scoring bug is now fixed. No other new enhancements other than the usual tweaks here and there. Server ops just need to update server .qvm without worry of changes to any server .cfg files.

On a side note, would like to apologize for the frequent updates that affect both servers and clients (as is this release). I'm the first to admit that the sound fixes were a bit premature and not very well tested. Rather than having sounds broken for an extended amount of time, I've stayed with it and have finally come up with a solution that is tested, has been reliable and maintains consistancy.

And the message board wasn't disabled by design.. it really is broken! I'll look into fixing it this week.

Good luck, and have fun :) [Hey! Its only a 130k cgame download!!]

OSP Quake3 0.99s1 Patch [ February 20, 2001 - Rhea ]

Jumppad sounds.. what can I say? :(

OSP Quake3 0.99s Update [ February 18, 2001 - Rhea ]

Well, this was supposed to be a maintenance release, but it turned out to be a whole lot more :) Quite a few new things in this release that really enhance Q3 and OSP, in particular, even more.

Probably the biggest thing is the beginning of the merge with the outstanding Q3Comp mod. ]R[Papa has begun the process of moving Q3Comp elements over to the OSP code base. This release contains some of the more cosmetic enhancements of Q3Comp, including its scoreboard, HUD, CTF addons, and +/- alias binding. Good stuff!! Look for a LOT more here in the next release. Thanks Papa!!

Windowed stats, sound fixes, bug fixes, graphics enhancements, and Badlands mode settings round out this release. Check the osp-q3-History.txt for complete details on the 0.99s release

OSP Quake3 0.99r2 Patch [ January 28, 2001 - Rhea ]

Found a crasher in 0.99r1. Move to 0.99r2, which is a server-side only fix. Burp!

OSP Quake3 0.99r1 Update [ January 27, 2001 - Rhea ]

Getting down to 1.0 release, so this build is mostly a bug-fix and option tweak release. It's *highly* recommended to move to this release as it covers some known crashers and convenience tweaks.

On the subject of crashers, do *NOT* use 1.27h for a server, as it has a verified crash bug within the .exe that affects all servers, regardless if its a mod or baseq3 server. Instead, move back to the buggier, but stable 1.27g .exe.

Keep those bug reports coming in! You guys have helped out tremendously in getting OSP to ZBR (Zero-Bug Release).

OSP Quake3 0.99r Update [ January 15, 2001 - Rhea ]

What can I say, its been 2 weeks, so its time for another version of OSP!! :) Honestly, there were some crashers in 0.99q, so I HAVE to update :(

In addition to bug fixes, this version really cleans up all of the mode/config mess that has been confusing to both admins and players alike. There is also internal configs that have been "approved" by the community to allow players to utilize known settings for 1v1, Team DM, CTF and Clan Arena. I've also included the popular "set*" callvote commands found in q3comp.

Oh lets see, what else: old ctf sound options, no model lean options, cleaned up client menu system, REAL time/date stamps for demos and stuff, OSP blenders, customizable server graphics to be seen on client connect and end-level scoreboards, motd.txt options, etc. etc.

Its all good, so download today!

Also, 1.0 is approaching soon, so *please* let me know of any problems you are seeing for either the server or the client. This is *not* feature-request time. I'm looking to lock down all known bugs so I can finally get OSP as "non-beta" software. Then I'll really be responsible for this mod :-/

OSP Quake3 0.99q released [ December 29, 2001 - Rhea ]

The latest incarnation of OSP for Quake3 has been released, and fixes a LOT of bugs. There are also some nice surprises for clients and admins alike. Unfortunately, I had to update the cgame to try to address some strange authentication problems that seem to have crept up after the 1.27 port.

Yes, Linux thrufloors is fixed, and sound tweaks for cg_predictitems 0 is now optimal. No need for cg_predictitems 1 anymore ;) MOTD support should be a welcome addition for server ops wanting to shove more info to their clients ;)

Have fun, and hopefully the next Q3 point release will fix issues for listen servers for single-player play. Its a pretty disastorous situation at the moment it seems :(

CPMA Beta Release / OSP Mailing List [ December 21, 2001 - Rhea ]

CPMA Beta released!! CPMA (Challenge Promode Multi-Arena) was released on the 19th by the illustrious arQon. The short of is: CPMA blends the OSP matchplay featuresets, optional CPM play modes, with RA3-like arena support. All arenas are independent on controls, and all RA3 maps can be used. CPMA also works under non-arena maps (q3dmXX, cpmXX, etc.), for normal 1v1/TDM/CTF/FFA play. Check it out!!

CPMA beta download: here
CPMA status info: here

Also, bds (formerly of GeekBoys clan) was kind enough to set up a mailing list for OSP. You can join the list by sending an email to:


With "subscribe" in the subject/body of the email

0.99p Released [ December 18, 2001 - Rhea ]

Just updated to 0.99p that should fix some little problems with the port. Most importantly, cg_smoothClients and pmove_fixed have been updated to work correctly. So yes, you can now do the dm13 MH jump and bridge-to-rail on dm6 with 30 fps.

Some other little nits have been cleaned up as well.. its a worthy download! Check the History file for the low-down on the tweaks.

0.99o1 Update [ December 16, 2001 - Rhea ]

BURP! Small bug in the client. Get 0.99o1!

0.99o Released - Quake3 1.27 Compatibility [ December 16, 2001 - Rhea ]

Version 0.99o of OSP for Quake3 is now available. The highlight of this release is full Quake 1.27 compatibility. I've left in most 1.27 baseq3 features (like internal 125Hz support, client extrapolation, and even score plumes :) ).

There are some of the normal OSP buglets that were fixed along with a couple of changes (check the osp-q3-History.txt doc for the full scoop).

Would appreciate any feedback on problems that people may find with this release, as there have been some significant changes in several core areas of the game.

Oh, and I almost forgot... splash through floors is still an option :)

OSP Happenings [ December 14, 2001 - Rhea ]

Well, it's been about 8 months since the last update, so I thought I would dust off the main page and give an update on OSP's state of the union.

First off, I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the community for supporting OSP through it's Quake3 work. I've seen the count of world-wide OSP servers for Quake3 reach over 730 at one point. Thank you people!

Even tough it may seem that OSP will never actually hit official 1.0, it turns out that we had the foresight to *not* release an official build until after the upcoming 1.27 point release from id. 1.27 provides significant enhancements and modifications to the core networking and client-server protocol that it will make out-of-the-box Quake3 (up to version 1.17) incompatible. Therefore, everything 1.17 and prior will no longer work (including any Quake3 mod and those beloved Quake3 demos).

I have completed in porting OSP to be compatible with the upcoming 1.27+ point release, so once id makes the official patch available, I will update the site with the 1.27-compatible version. (No, I cannot release this version prior to official release due to changes made from the 1.25y point and id's NDA requirements). Rest assured, however, that 1.27 is a better build and MUCH better than 1.17. I think the community will be quite happy with what id has done with this release (apart from not being able to use demos made prior to 1.27).

Other things... OSP is happy to announce the merge with arQon of CPMA fame to provide OSP-based functionality with RA3-style play. This is really good stuff!! This upcoming release will be able to utilize all of RA3's map and gameplay while still maintaining OSP's enhanced gameplay, match controls, and support for id's original Quake3 maps. The only downside to this will be that server operators using OSP for serverside-only functionality will NOT be able to continue to do so, as the CPMA merge requires client-side modifications. I really feel bad about this, we tried really hard to maintain compatibility with the vanilla Quake3 client, but in the end, it turned out that there were just not enough hooks in the vanilla client. On an up note, we will maintain seperate code bases (at least in the short-term), so serverside-only will still be an option (e.g. the first 1.27 release will be a straight port of version 0.99n1 from the 1.17 code-base).

Quake2....mmmmm.... I haven't forgotten Quake2!! I plan on putting together a 2.77 OSP Tourney DM patch sometime in the near future. I've received some pretty straight-forward bug lists and feature requests, so it looks like I have my work cut out for me in this regard. Now if I can just find that CD with all of the code... 8)

Believe it or not, in addition to coding for Quake3, I also am a player :) After moving out to the northwest, I hooked up with my buds of Abuse, a hardcore Quake3 Team-DM clan, and immediately got benched :) The cool thing about the bench is that we still get to compete! Right now we are doing well in Showdown 2, vying for the championship (Abuse's bench is named Abuse-2). We've somehow managed to not lose a match or drop a single game throughout the tourney thus far. gg bench!!

Oh! And as you may have noticed, I've cleaned up some of the navigation on the front-page so Q2 and Q3 users can find things a tad better. I plan on going over the rest of the site this week and over the holidays in prep for OSP-Q3's official 1.0 release. Also, I've now scripted my News page so I can make these updates a little more often :)

Hit the forums, send me mail, or catch me in IRC on ETG in channel #osp for any comments, suggestions, gripes, etc. about OSP.

Main OSP Site Move [ April 27, 2000 - Rhea ]

The main OSP site has been moved to a new hosting site. It may take a couple of days before all DNS is properly updated, so expect some outages over the next week.

As of now, all downloads and the messageboard should be online and available. Drop me a line if you find anything missing

We apologize for any inconvenience

Welcome Dessignator! [ March 28, 2000 - Rhea ]

I would like to give a warm welcome to the newest OrangeSmoothie: Sander "Dessignator" Brandenburg of 3-Team CTF fame for Quake2 (among many other projects). He will be helping out in a lot of the UI and client-side design for our Quake3 mods, starting with OSP-Q3. Expect to see great things from our new Dutch counterpart! =)

OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF v0.8 for Quake3 Official Beta Announced [ March 17, 2000 - Rhea ]

The official beta release of OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF, a Quake3 mod, is now available at version 0.8. OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF is a Quake3 mod that enahances the basic Quake3 game with the following major features:

  • Enhanced controls for easier matchplay in any game mode.
  • Additional game mode: "Clan Arena" -- similar to the popular Rocket Arena mod.
  • Extensive weapon and match statistics for all players.
  • Advanced voting system that allows players to vote on MANY server options. Server operator can also control what items are available for vote.
  • Flexible map rotation system that can specify maps based on player counts and can adjust fl/tl/cl/rl accordingly.
  • Remote admin capabilities for extensive control on gameplay.
  • "Config mode" voting to allow players to vote on new game modes that have their own unique server configuration file.
  • Flexible item/powerup banning/remappings.
  • "Instagib" server configuration support.
  • Optional highly configurable grappling hook.
  • Public server info variables that allow viewing of match progress from server browser utilities such as GameSpy.
  • MANY bug fixes from the basic id source.
  • Numerous other small tweaks and enhancements to all gametypes.

You can grab this version (plus all documentation and additional information) from the OSP Beta Site.

Have fun, and enjoy!

Still Alive and Kicking! [ January 16, 2000 - Rhea ]

Yes, we are still around and still quite active in the Quake community -- even though it takes us 6 months to update our main webpage ;-) If you haven't yet visited our Forum or Beta sites, check them out for the latest in OSP happenings.

We will continue the OSP tradition of solid and detail-oriented game modifications with Quake3, as the game source has recently been released. We will be wrapping up the current version OSP Tourney DM for Quake2 shortly with MANY new features and game enhancements. This version will also include a new version of ngStats that coincides with the updated ngWorldStats for Quake2 OSP Tourney DM. Very cool stuff here.

So whats next for Orange Smoothie Productions? Well, OSP Tourney DM for Quake3 of course =) We will add on to the basic DM/CTF play of Quake3 Arena to facilitate more flexible control of Tournament-style play for both players and admins alike. A bulk of the features and conveniences found in the Quake2 version of the mod will make their way in its Quake3 counterpart. Of course, many more tweaks will also be added.

To coincide with this development, we will also be working on an ngLog/ngStats/ngWorldStats implementation of Quake3 to add into the growing family of ngWorldStats-enabled games. The provided source reference implementation will be available to ALL mod authors who are interested in adding this functionality to their own Quake3 mods. Please contact me for further details on getting this going for your mod.

Further down the road, we are also looking to get back to the "fun" type of mods (not to say that OSP Tourney isn't fun :p) -- the types where strict DM/CTF gameplay and settings isn't required. We are looking at reviving some of our original mods (King of the Hill), adding on to an experimental one (Rocket Olympics) or going all-out on something completely different (very hush hush).

Lastly, we would just like to think the entire Quake community for supporting our hard work. We have had more success with this stuff than we could have ever imagined. Thanks!

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