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OSP Old News Archive

Posted Thursday, January 15, 2004 by rhea

OSP for RtCW version 0.9 released
Happy New Year! A bit late, but it's finally here :P There are quite a few updates in this release, but the main thing is the new and improved multiview interface. It's all point and click now (even in demos). Check it out!

I should have another post in the next few days discussing what's coming up on the Q3 front, as well as the status of those darn t-shirts!

Stay tuned!

Posted Tuesday, April 1, 2003 by rhea

Wolf 0.83 Win32 Server issues
.. was a bad build :( I've put up an extra download on the downloads page that has the rebuilt qagame_mp_x86.dll for Win32 servers. You *don't* need to download this unless you are running a Win32 server and want to reliably upgrade to 0.83.

Note, if you do upgrade, you'll also need to pull the full update, install it, and then install this Win32-specific server update.

Posted Friday, March 21, 2003 by rhea

OSP 0.83 Wolf released
Now available in the downloads section, including a build for Mac users! No real new features this time around, just exploit and bug fixes.

Posted Saturday, March 8, 2003 by rhea

Belated 1.03a Update Info
Sorry peeps. I've been out of town for the past few days and didn't get a chance to update the news page with info on the 1.03a update that was released late Tuesday night.

1.03a is a server-side only update that fixes a couple of bugs that weren't addressed in the 1.03 release. If you don't plan on ever running a server (dedicated or listen), then you won't need this release.

1.03a is quite small, here is the complete list of updates:
- Fix: "Godmode" exploit
- Fix: droppable HIs in modes besides Vanilla FT
- Fix: reset server_freezetag to 0 for custom modes (prior to exec'ing)
- Change: server_freezetag is now a serverinfo cvar

Also, as some of you may have noticed, updates are now available only through the FileShack mirroring service. Apparently, since the 1.02 release, osp.org has been peaking at 35Mbps with over 10GBs of data served. Needless to say, the gratious Speakeasy folks have concerns :)

FileShack is actually a better solution for getting OSP as the updates will be available on many centralized mirrors throughout the US. Yes, the anonymous access can be frustrating during busy times, but its membership services are first rate. Give it a try!!

While new updates will initially appear now only on the Fileshack service (no more wgets!), they can be mirrored freely on any site.

Posted Friday, February 28, 2003 by rhea

OSP Q3 1.03 Released!
Ready to go! Grab it from the Downloads page.

Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2003 by rhea

1.03 status and other Q3/Wolf stuff
Testing for the 1.03 update is winding down (finally). Looks like all the butchering that went on in 1.02 has been sorted, and the last sets of tests are in motion now. Expect an update here in the next day or two. I apologize for the issues 1.02 brought up for both players and admins. 1.03 promises to be bug-fix rich with a couple of small additions I'm sure everyone will appreciate.

Looking down the road, I have a couple of items that I'd like you guys to discuss in the forums.

The first (and main) issue is in regards to the MultiView update that I'll be pulling from OSP Wolf. What I'd really like to do is to scrap the old version completely and replace it with a much more refined and better MV experience. The only issue I can see with this is in regards to demo playback compatibility with demos done in the original MV format. I've looked around and can find basically no demos recording under the current OSP MV implementation. People need to pipe up *now* if they want to have any hope of saving the old system.

The second issue is also in regards to demo playback, but for the Clan Arena gametype. I plan on revamping the layout of CA to facilitate more match features similar to the ones found in the recent FreezeTag update. Would anyone have any objections if a future OSP update shelved demo compatibility with the old CA format?
Again, I really can't find any OSP CA demos out there.

Of course, even if I ignore the pleas, you can always load up an older client that supports the older formats, so nothing is really lost. :)

As for OSP Wolf... I had planned a number of things for the next update. However, in light of recent exploits that have begun to plague the community, I'm going to do a quick update that addresses these exploits specifically. I'll also be slipping in a couple of much-needed bug fixes. This release is planned in the very near future (i.e. after 1.03 for Q3 is released), just in time for BoB2 :)

T-Shirt info is coming!! Just been to busy lately to get a full write-up + pics. Soon!!

Posted Monday, February 17, 2003 by rhea

1.02 Final
After over a year of nothing, Q3 OSP finally gets an update :p

Unfortunately, the download links are having their own issues at the moment, so I'll post the direct links to the updates here:

OSP 1.01 to 1.02 patch (Zipped)
OSP 1.01 to 1.02 patch (Win32 Installer)
OSP 1.02 Full Release (Zipped)
OSP 1.02 Full Release (Win32 Installer)

More updates on the way!

Posted Saturday, February 15, 2003 by rhea

We're still here!!!

I've finally gotten some time to do a much-needed update to OSP for Q3. (!) Unfortunately, due to time constaints on getting the current version out, not nearly all of the wonderful ideas that you guys have been posting in the forums will show up in this version.

Fear not! I'll be revving OSP-Q3 over the next couple of months, so if you don't see your request in the next few versions, sit tight. I've got a long list of things on my to-do list that I'll eventually get to.

So what *is* in this version? The bulk of the updates have centered upon getting FreezeTag (FT) TDM as a default game type. It's a fun TDM-meets-CA style of play. FT has had a strong community since (at least) its Quake2 days, so with Doo's permission, I've finally brought it the OSP fold (thanks Doo!).

Along with the addition of FT, I've also addressed many of the nagging issues with OSP that have come up since the latest PR, along with most of 1.01 bugs that have been found over the last year.

1.02 is slated to come out sometime this weekend, after the current build has been put through its current round of testing (things are looking very good).

Keep checking the site regularly for the latest updates, and buy a T-Shirt while you're at it!! :)


Posted Wednesday, November 13, 2002 by rhea

0.82a for wolf has been released to fix a stats/crasher bug. Luckily, it is server-side only, so no new client .pk3 files to download :) This is a server-only update.

Admins: also make sure to delete any old osp-binXX.pk3 files from your osp/ directory when uploading. All you need is osp-bin05.pk3 for this new version.. anything lower (00-04) should be deleted. *KEEP* osp-pak00.pk3 and osp-pak01.pk3, however. These are common for all versions of osp and should never be removed.

Posted Wednesday, November 13, 2002 by rhea

OSP for Wolf 0.82 released
Full compatibility with RtCW version 1.4 with fixes for all known problems in the official 1.4 release (medic bug, warping).

Also a few new features... check it out! (In the Downloads section)

Posted Tuesday, October 29, 2002 by rhea

OSP for RtCW version 0.8 released
After a lot of hype, tweaking, revisions, feature-creep, and testing, 0.8 is officially released! A complete summary of the updates can be found here.

My condolences to all the beta test server admins and players... its been quite a ride these past few days :)


Posted Sunday, October 27, 2002 by rhea

Bimonthly Newsletter
Obviously, posting news on here isn't my specialty :)

Anyway, I'm really excited about some of the upcoming releases from OSP. Derean has a cooker build of OSP SoF2 that (from what I hear) is very near to release. He also has some additional news that I'll let him post when he has time.

OSP Wolf is looking quite nice, I must say. If you haven't heard, the upcoming release will support Multiview spectator mode and Democasts. In addition, there will be a TON of new tweaks and options available. Oh yea, bug fixes too :p

What is multiview you ask? For the short and sweet answer, check out these 2 avi's (3M and 6M respectively): AVI Demo#1 and AVI Demo#2. All of the details for MV will be covered in the documentation when the next version of OSP is released.

A democast is the playback of a demo and its corresponding .mp3-based shoutcast at the same time, within the wolf client. You will really have to check out some of the democasts that the TsN guys will be putting together from recent events. I haven't seen anything quite like it before in online gaming :)

Of course Q3 OSP will get all of this plus a much needed dusting off for 1.32 support + issues found over the last 8 or so months. I'll get to this once OSP Wolf is out the door.

One other thing that people have been asking about for a while: donations to OSP. I've held off on this as none of us are here to make money doing what we love to do. However, there are small charges that do pop up in running OSP, so I think it's justified to "allow" donations :) I've set up a Paypal account under (rhea at the domain OrangeSmoothie.org) that you can make contributions to as you see fit. I've included a button down below to make it easier for the lazy-asses (like me).

Here's the deal with the donations: if you pay $20 or more, you get a "free" OSP t-shirt, if you pay less than $20, you get the satisfaction of helping OSP pay the bills. Other than the t-shirt, we're not under any obligation to give anyone anything in return for any donation. Of course, we all appreciate any donation made, but if you don't donate to OSP, that's fine too. We ain't gonna sweat it either way.

As for the T-Shirts, I'll hold off on sending them out until I reach a critical-mass on shirt counts, as getting just a couple of shirts made isn't cheap :) I'll get some pics of the shirts up here with colors and sizes that are available. If you would like to buy t-shirts for your event, drop me an email and we'll work something out.


Support OSP!!

Posted Monday, September 30, 2002 by derean

OSP for Soldier of Fortune 2 : Double Helix
Let me first present myself to the good OSP folk who don't know me yet, I'm formerly 'Kil'derean of Threewave fame, and PureCTF before that. I coded other small mods which aren't really important, and designed a few levels. I made a couple of tutorials on Code3Arena and donated the source code of PureCTF. Hi. :)

I talked to rhea a while back about his plans for Sof2, the "other" quake3 engined game, and he quite blatantly admitted to me that he didn't care much for it. So I offered my help, since I did care about it, what with the game being loads of fun, and also some of the Threewave crew working on official maps for the game.

So I guess this is sort of the official announcement for Sof2 OSP. I've started working on it 1 month ago doing little stuff here and there, as seen on the Quakeshit servers. But now that 1.02 is out and about, I've started working on the real thing and we could expect a release pretty soon.

In the mean time you will probably be able to get a taste of things to come on the Quakeshit servers (www.quakeshit.com) as soon as next week. As tubesock has graciously offered to help beta test Sof2 OSP (thanks tube!).

Posted Saturday, August 31, 2002 by rhea

Status update
Whew! It's been pretty hectic this last month and a half. I want to say first and foremost that I apologize for the lack of "official" response on the web boards for both Wolf and Q3. This also goes for all of the unanswered emails. I simply haven't had the time to stay current on my Inbox and the forums :(

Anyway, it looks like I'll start having some more time now that QCon has finally passed and I'm back from a much needed vacation :) As I have a lot of email to sort through, if you have any pressing business that you would like to me address sooner, send me another email. Especially if is related to any bugs that you may have found. I promise to repond!

On the update front, wolf 0.31/0.4 is in the normal churn and I expect to have something in the next couple of weeks. I may decide to release a quick 0.31 to fix the current set of bugs before unleashing the next extra-cool feature that is in the making.

For Q3... its next. I have a whole set of things to mow down, and a couple of new items to add. I'll probably hold off a bit as I test things under the upcoming 1.32 PR before moving forward.

Again, I apologize for the lack of response to the wolf users. It really has turned into a bloodbath in the forums :(


Posted Saturday, August 10, 2002 by rhea

OSP Wolf version 0.3 now available!
Just in time for Wolf, I mean, QuakeCon :)

Lotsa updates, but I'm too lame to post them all here. I'm so much of a dirtbag that I'm going to force you to download the entire 1.9M .zip to look at the History.txt file!!

Overall, I'm pretty pleased for 0.3. It provides more tools for match/league play, and makes pub play so much easier for admins and players alike.

Report bugs!!


Posted Saturday, June 15, 2002 by rhea

OSP Wolf 0.22 now available!
The rev brings OSP current with the latest RTCW 1.33 release. However, older demos will have some strange sound effects during playback (/me blames the 1.32 patch that breaks backwards compatibility).

I'll post the full list of changes later tonight, as the box that has all updates is down atm.

Have fun and email me any problems you find!


Posted Sunday, June 2, 2002 by rhea

OSP Wolf v0.21 vailable
In typical OSP fashion: another version is now available!

I sussed how wolf runs under win32 and linux, so as a result, I have to release a new version to allow for both windows and linux to use the same set of OSP content. I had originally thought I could release a server-side only version for Linux, but alas, this is not possible :(

Anyway, server operators who upgrade should delete osp-bin00.pk3, as it is no longer used. This will apply to all *future* updates of OSP.

Clients should NOT delete anything. Just grab the latest .zip and unzip over the current osp/ directory. This applies for all future updates as well.

Sorry for the confusion.

Report any bugs!

Posted Saturday, June 1, 2002 by rhea

OSP version 0.2 for Return to Castle Wolfenstein has been released! Check the downloads page for the scoop. The .zip contains info on all options available (language conversions can be found under the osp/Docs/ directory in the .zip).

Have fun and report any problems!

Posted Saturday, May 25, 2002 by rhea

OSP for RtCW Update
I made a lengthy post in the forums about the current status of OSP for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Check it out!

Posted Saturday, May 18, 2002 by gouki

Well as some of you may have noticed, the forum took a dive in the last few days. It seems that there is a bug in ikonboard that does not have a fix and caused the database to become corrupt. I think I have gotten everything back up to where it was, except for all the posts and members are gone due to the corrupt database. You'll have to register again and repost any of the items you want. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we're going to try harder to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Posted Thursday, May 2, 2002 by SHoD

OSP maps for Quake3 released
Finally the standalone pak of the OSP maps is available to let other mod be able to play them.

It can be found in the downloads section.

The mappak contains the same versions of the 12 DM/TDM/Duel/CA arenas and 2 CTF maps released in OSP 1.0 then OSP 1.01.

A promotional movie is also available.

Play both of them at your own risk.

Posted Thursday, January 31, 2002 by rhea

OSP Quake3 v(1.01) Released!
Holy cow! Another 1.5 month update!!

1.01 is probably what 1.0 should have been :) This release has a significant number of bug fixes that have been around for quite some time. As I stated in the forums, people started reporting some of these old bugs AFTER 1.0 was released. *sigh*

Anyway, aside from code changes, we also found several issues with a decent number of the maps. These updates constitute a large majority of the size of this patch, unfortunately. Fortunately, all of the maps now are optimum for the gametypes they were designed. Have fun!

Of course, a couple features *were* added that I just couldn't ignore.

The Patch and Full versions come in both Win32 .exe and .zip flavors, and can be found in the downloads section. Mirrors should be updating shortly.


Posted Friday, January 18, 2002 by SHoD

Regarding the OSP maps, the "soon release" next OSP version will feature :

- ospdm1 : fixed clip bug in the underwater snake mouth, added color to target_location entities.
- ospdm2 : fixed double tdm item near the teleporter, added color to target_location entities.
- ospdm3 : fixed roof clip bug, changed YA to RA in TDM and FFA, changed minor architectural details, changed levelshot, added color to target_location entities.
- ospdm4 : added new TDM items.
- ospdm5 : fixed no-drop area bug near lower YA, fixed jump pad near quad so you can't sit behind it, tweaked lamp jump near RA, added color to target_location entities, tweaked lighting and fixed some bunk lighting, fixed the misplaced "rail" target_location bug.
- ospdm6 : fixed light shader bug.
- ospdm7 : none.
- ospdm8 : changed levelshot.
- ospdm9 : none.
- ospdm10: none.
- ospdm11: added stairs instead of jumpads, new item placement, changed levelshot, added color to target_location entities.
- ospdm12: changed architectural, moved some spawn locations, added doors, changed shotgun placement, increased damage below quad, changed levelshot.

The OSP mappak will be also released as a standalone pak to let other mods such as CPMA be able to play the OSP maps.

Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2002 by gouki

After a long downtime for the osp site, it's finally back up and on a nice new host. We have also decided to scratch the old forum and go with ikonboard. Thanks to those that suggested that board to us. It has many more options for us to use and is just as free. :)

If you have any trouble with the new forum or accessing anything on the site now, just find me, myrd, or rhea in #osp on etg.

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