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OSP Rocket Olympics

A QuakeII mod
Orange Smoothie Productions

Current version 1.01 released February 22nd, 1999
Get it at the download page now.


OSP Rocket Olympics - A QuakeII™ mod

OSP Rocket Olympics Version 1.01

So you say you can rocket jump heh? Come find out as Orange Smoothie Productions celebrates its one year anniversary with the release of Rocket Olympics, a virtual play land of rocket jumping feats. Categories included Height, Distance, and Accuracy and oh ya.. Quad Height!!! Each event has a progressively more difficult jumps to make all color coded for skill level and marked in meters and all in scale to a Quake2 Marine! Find out just how good you are, make some new friends and share some "fish" stories along the way in this all new Non-Deathmatch mod.

Orange Smoothie Productions is proud to present:

a Rocket Olympics
recammed demo by KemosabE

Download here

The recamme comes complete with an inspirational soundtrack showing a player making all of the jumps in Rocket Olympics. A must see!

February 12th, 1999 --BotanikA

OSP Rocket Olympics version 1.0 Released

Get it at the Download page now!

As more servers pop up use GameSpy to look for games of type "rocketo". In the meantime Orange Smoothie Productions already has a Rocket Olympic server running for you at:

Have fun! The Orange Smoothie Productions Team.

Version 1.01 is a just an upgrade to the dll adding id tagging and a quad bug fix. Plus it adds a linux version. Clients need not download it.

Concept and Level Design:
Craig Sparks "BotanikA"
The Programmer:
J. Keimig "Rhea"

Copyleft  1998-2007 Orange Smoothie Productions

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