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OSP Tourney DM

A QuakeII mod
Orange Smoothie Productions

Current version 2.5 released July 1st, 1999
Get it at the
download page now.


Yes, we are still alive! (08 Nov 99)

Development still continues on OSP Tourney DM, but at slower pace. To keep up to date on all of the latest features and enhancements, check out the Discussion Forum and OSP Beta Site. The biggest addition is the creation of the OSP-L2 Weapons DM version of the mod that Allows for flexible configuration of more aspects of the game, similar to Lithium2 for Quake2. Stay tuned for an upcoming major release!

OSP Tourney DM v2.5 Released

Version 2.5 of OSP Tourney DM is now available for Windows 95/98/NT, Linux/x86 for libc5/glibc systems, Linux/Alpha, Solaris/Sparc and FreeBSD/x86 Operating Systems. Get it at the Download page now!

Version 2.5 of OSP Tourney DM is a solid addition to the MAJOR upgrade  in features that came with version 2.0.  OSP Tourney DM has an entirely new level of integration never before seen in a Quake II™ mod, competition based or otherwise.   Here are the highlights of OSP Tourney DM's features:

  • The most helpful, thorough, fine tuned and tested set of tournament and regular DM features available for either Regular DM, Teamplay or 1v1.
  • External server config editor, TouneyCE from Filipe Toscano that allows for MUCH easier configuration of OSP Tourney DM.  The ability to tweak all of the options and modes of Tourney with an integrated Help facility can allow anyone to easily configure OSP Tourney DM.  With a built-in Quake2 launcher, this utility makes Tourney a highly viable (and actually quite fun) way to play Tourney under a SinglePlayer environment (with Gladiator server-side bots). Updates to Tourney CE are available at http://homepage.esoterica.pt/~smashing
  • Full integration with the latest version of the server-side Gladiator "bots" (v0.95) from Mr Elusive.  Among the list of new features of these bots is the ability to strategically rocket jump to key areas of any map.
  • Optional/votable Lithium-style rune support.  Competition-environment Rune-teamplay is now possible with OSP Tourney DM.  These runes are as configurable as the Lithium runes along with a few new features to make them even better.  :)
  • Now includes NetGames USA's ngStats v1.1 for OSP Tourney DM.

ngStats Enabled

  • ngStats is a local log-parsing and analysis system.  After each match is played, all information that was recorded from the match is stored in a player database and can be viewed in real-time. Very attractive for both dedicated server ops and SinglePlayer off-net players (Win32-only at the present time).
  • Built-in support for the new ngWorldStats system from NetGames USA. (All architectures)  for global on-line player information.  The detail on these stats is phenomenal!  Visit http://Quake2.ngWorldStats.com/ for details.

ngWorldStats Enabled

  • Substantial networking improvements to curb player lag and overflow.
  • Numerous bug fixes and gameplay enhancements (e.g. optional vote player kicking is now available).

Here is descriptive list, history.txt, of all features/bug fixes made on the original 
v1.0 of tourney. The current command/parameter list is described in
commands.txt. The full readme.txt  explains in greater detail the setup  requirements and current feature set available in OSP Tourney DM. server-settings.txt is a complete reference for server admins.

As always, OSP is running 5 servers that are running the different variations 
of OSP Tourney DM. Check them out if you want to get a feel for the gameplay. 



OSP Tourney DM is a server-side only mod designed to facilitate match play for tournaments, whether LAN-based or online. It also has an enhanced regular DM mode for relaxed warmups and informal play.

Rather than having specific mods used for various aspects of tournament play (i.e. Battle/GX for team play, Duel for 1v1, and even id DM for FFA qualifiers), the tourney mod was designed specifically to handle these modes of play with all of their unique requirements with the configurability of Lithium.

The tourney supports 4 "modes" of operation:
    - Regular DeathMatch
    - Qualifier DeathMatch
    - Team DM Play
    - 1v1 DM Play

It should be noted that each of these modes are in fact unique and are not just simple hacks to give different modes of play. OSP Tourney DM is in fact 4 separate mods in one. The mod conveniently includes separate pre-fabbed config files for each mode of operation. Numerous other configuration options exist. Read the included
readme.txt file and commands.txt for all the details. Then head over to the Download page and get it now!

The Programmer:
J. Keimig "Rhea"
Produced by:
J. Keimig "Rhea", Craig Sparks "BotanikA"
Beta Testers:
Lord Drimacus, Barktooth, Locutis, Dovienya, Gawain, El Presidente, Iceweasel, SillyK0ne, and Vitamins

Copyleft  1998-2007 Orange Smoothie Productions

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